Special Events

We go beyond tickets.

At OS Travel Agency we believe that great events breed cherished memories, happy shared moments and creating incomparable once-in-a-lifetime experiences through our partnerships.  Special Offers include but are not limited to Games and Shows, Home or Away, hotel and restaurants near the event plus flights should they be required.  Care to make any event a few days, arrive early or stay an extra night or two to take in the city and do some sightseeing or catch up on some much needed relaxation.

OS Travel Partnerships

OS Travel Agency takes pride in having the ability to offer the biggest names in the Travel and Tourism Industries since 1977 and has been growing our lists of greatest names in sports and entertainment all the mean while.  Some of our relationships are older than the Arenas some Games and Shows are now played in.  The result; availability to seats in large blocks, in-stadium/arena hospitality, private entrances, early ticket delivery plus access to the best hotels, restaurants, parties and more!

Ask an agent about pre- and post-night options to customize and enhance your experience, around the main event.

OS Travel Perks

To make our Official Ticket Packages more than just a ticket, we include exclusive perks with every package to choose from that you’ll love.

Exercising our partnerships, we can offer perks like access to restricted areas, such as luxury hospitality, celebrity meet-and-greets, more than 50,ooo world-class accommodations worldwide, global transportation, and more, for every event.

Security & Reliability

Our partnerships directly with the event operator means OS Travel Agency agents are authorized with consulting and sale of the following brands. NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, CFL, PGA, INDY 500, F1 and many more.

Ticket Package Delivery

We ship your package of tickets before the event and will notify you when it’s on its way.  Plus you’ll get emails leading up to the event with important information, like event schedules, FAQs, dress-code or clothing suggestions and even an event playlist.

Agent Help Services

We also offer and organize parties like destination weddings and industry conferences to family reunions and grad trips, as well as tours, parking, and other services you can add to your package.  For organization of an event you will be put in touch with an event coordinator.

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