Did you know that government health plans may only cover a limited amount of emergency medical expenses outside of Canada? As a result, a medical emergency while travelling can get quite costly. But there is a solution!

If anything were to happen to you during a trip, Manulife World Travel Insurance can help you mobilize the people and services you may require from the moment you call the emergency assistance line.

It can help in many ways, from providing you with doctor and hospital information, to even flying your family to you, if need be. Also, your travel insurer wants to help ensure that you have minimal out-of-pocket expenses and can try to directly bill the medical provider in your vacation destination, whenever possible.

Purchasing affordable, reliable Manulife World Travel Insurance can help you focus on making memories, rather than worrying about potential medical expenses. Please contact your Travel Agent for more details.


You can affordably cover your whole family.

With Manulife World Travel Insurance, as little as 2 times the rate for the oldest traveller can cover you, your spouse, your children and/or grandchildren. Children must be at least 31 days of age to be covered. The 2 times rate applies to the Global Medical, Travel Canada, Annual Medical and Visitors to Canada Plans. The price is 3 times the rate of the oldest traveller for the All-Inclusive, Canada All-Inclusive and Non-Medical Inclusive Plans. Family coverage is not available with the other plans.

Your company or credit card may not fully cover your travel expenses.

Not all credit cards provide comprehensive travel insurance coverage. Some credit cards have age limits for medical coverage, or may offer trip interruption, but not trip cancellation, prior to departure. It is important to understand your coverage prior to travel as it may be subject to certain exclusions or limitations.

Most claims submitted are for unexpected trip cancellation.

Travel insurance is designed to cover losses arising from unforeseeable circumstances. Having the right travel insurance will protect your financial investment and guard against unexpected medical emergencies.

Your government health insurance plan only covers a small portion of medical expenses out of province.

Provincial health ministries advise Canadians to purchase travel insurance every time you leave the country, because the amount they will pay for health services provided outside of Canada – or even your province of residence – is very limited. It’s important to know that in the event of an emergency, an insurance provider like Manulife will be there to assist you.