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At OS Travel Agency you can access the world of commercial airfare, shop flight deals easy.  Shop online for the best deals on economy airfare or business trip first class airfare, we specialize in tickets for flights in and out of Canada including Toronto(YYZ), Vancouver(YVR) and Montreal(YUL).


Agency Approved Airlines

With every major airline part of our flight network, OS Travel Agency caters to the needs of all in search of world class airline service.  Our agency is accredited by IATA and hold ticketing agreements with airlines we offer.


  • Avianca
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Aeroflot
  • Aerolineas Argentinas
  • American Airlines
  • Alitalia
  • Aloha Airlines
  • Amtrak


  • British Airways
  • BWIA International


  • Air Canada
  • Aero California
  • Canadian North
  • Continental Airlines
  • Czech Airlines
  • Czechoslovak Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Caribbean Airlines


  • Delta Airlines


  • Egypt Air


  • Air France


  • Hawaiian Airlines
  • HMY Airways


  • Iberia Air


  • Jet Airways
  • Japan Airlines


  • KLM
  • Korean Air


  • LTU International Airways
  • LAB Bolivian Airlines
  • LAN – Chile
  • Lufthansa


  • Aero Mexico
  • Mexicana
  • Midwest Express Airlines


  • Northwest Orient
  • Air New Zealand


  • Philippine Airlines
  • Porter Airlines


  • Quantas
  • Qatar Airways


  • Sunwing Airline
  • South West Airlines


  • Air Transat
  • Thai Airways International
  • TACA International Airlines


  • United Airlines
  • US Airways


  • VASP Brazilian Airlines
  • VARIG Airlines
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways
  • VIASA Venezolana International
  • Via Rail Canada


  • Westjet
  • American West Airlines

Booking a flight.

Step 1  |  First using your mobile device or computer, you will choose your preferred airports to depart from and fly into with date(s) and then submit your search!

Step 2  |  From the results select the outbound and inbound flights that work with your schedule, our airfare itinerary include, pricing, flight time(s), layovers and class for your ticket

Step 3  |  After selecting the fights, submit payment and travelers’ details to complete the booking request. you will receive a confirmation code and e-tickets following this step

OS Travel’s Popular Routes with Flight Time

We are pleased to offer select routes on special for our clients to take full advantage.
Flight times are quoting direct(nonstop) routes.
  • Toronto to Paris | 7h 20m
  • Toronto to Rome | 8h 30m
  • Toronto to London  | 6h 45m
  • Toronto to Dubai  |  12h 55m
  • Toronto to Amsterdam | 7h 20m
  • Toronto to Miami | 3h 25m
  • Toronto to Vancouver  | 5h 5m
  • Toronto to Montreal  | 1h 20m
  • Toronto to New York  |  1h 30m
  • Toronto to Los Angeles  |  5h 25m
  • Toronto to Frankfurt  |  7h 35m
  • Toronto to Munich  |  7h 50m
  • Montreal to Paris | 6h 45m
  • Vancouver to Los Angeles (LAX) | 2h 51m
  • Vancouver to Sydney, Australia (SYD)  | 15h 30m
  • Buffalo to New York | 1h 30m
  • Montreal to New York | 1h 30m
  • Montreal to Miami | 3h 30m
  • Vancouver to Amsterdam | 9h 48m
  • Toronto to Atlanta | 2h25m
  • Atlanta to London |8h 15m
  • New York to London | 7h 5m
  • New York to Toronto |1h 40m
  • Detroit to Orlando |2h 35m
  • Calgary to Amsterdam | 8h 40m
  • Paris to Montreal | 6h 45m
  • Los Angeles to Sydney | 15h 0m
  • Detroit to Las Vegas | 4h 30m
  • Montreal to Amsterdam | 7h 5m
  • Buffalo to Atlanta | 2h 10m
  • London to New York | 8h 0m
  • Miami to Toronto | 3h 0m
  • Vancouver to Tokyo | 9h 50m
  • Vancouver to Hong Kong | 13h 0m
  • Manila to Toronto | 14h 55m
  • Toronto to Manila | 16h 20m
  • Toronto to Cairo  |  10h 20m
  • Cairo to Toronto  |  11h 30m

Economy or First Class?

Generally there are two types of commercial air transportation on board an international and domestic flights that consist of either Economy which is always a cheaper fare than that of First Class aka Business Class which boasts seating at the front of the plane, with larger seats and a better selection of food than you would find in Economy Class.

International Flight VS Domestic Flight

A flight is considered international if the flight or route you have selected, crosses over a country boarder and lands in a different country than the origin city where you will have to clear airport customs.  Required time to arrive at the airport before your flight can be < 3 hours.

A domestic flight is a route that starts and ends in the same country.  Required time to arrival at airport before your flight can be < 2 hours to make it to your flight on time.

What’s included with your flight ticket?

Generally speaking when you purchase a single seat fare one carry on bag and one personal bag are included, but as of late airlines in an effort to reduce costs are offering seats with no bags included, this means checked bags can cost from $35 to 75 per bag.  Additionally seat selection and baggage fees are posted on each airline(s) website and notice of inclusions are posted a the time of ticketing.

Scheduled and Chartered Flights.

Scheduled flights are generally offered by Airlines whom only service rendered are the flight, whereas Chartered Flights can be offered to the general public from Tour Operators who have available seats to whichever destination they are offering tour packages to.  We have complied a healthy mix of Scheduled and Chartered Flights to fulfill all our passengers queries for both Domestic and International routes.

Travelling with Equipment 

Golf Clubs, Tennis Rackets, Skies,Snowboards and Hockey Sticks will be set aside at the time of check-in by the agent at the counter.  Any musical instruments or sport equipment are subject to available space on board and should be stored appropriately in the case where they have to be checked as cargo.  You can retrieve these items from the fragile cargo desk in baggage claim.

*Special Notice:     Special assistance for medical devices, wheelchairs or oxygen tanks and other equipment can be arranged to travel with you prior to a flight.

Travelling with Children -Using International Airlines

  • 0- 24 months  infant rate
  • 2-11 years old child rate
  • 12 & up Adult rates
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